State v/s Jolly L.L.B 2 review

Before I give my verdict on Jolly L.L.B 2, I would like to mention that Arshad Warsi is one of the most versatile actors of his generation and it is great to see the way he approached the character of ‘JOLLY’ in Jolly L.L.B, making it one of the most memorable roles in recent times. In Jolly L.L.B 2 he hands over the baton to Akshay Kumar.

Plot : A jolly good fellow called‘JOLLY’ jolted by a senile judicial system.


Star Cast : Akshay Kumar, Huma Qureshi, Annu Kapoor, Saurabh Shukla, Kumud Mishra, Sayani Gupta.

Review : Jolly L.L.B 2 much like its predecessor is a satirical take on the judicial system with the bone of contention here being ‘fake encounters’. Akshay Kumar effortlessly slips into the character of Jagdish Mishra/Jolly and picks up the nuances of a ‘junior associate’ with great finesse.

Few seconds into the movie and you are introduced to Hina Siddiqui (Sayani Gupta), a pregnant lady seeking justice for her husband. Sayani Gupta gives a scintillating performance in her limited screen time and catalyses a series of events in Jolly’s otherwise laidback life. Huma Qureshi who has already proven her mettle as an accomplished actress enjoys her first commercial outing with this movie. Her pairing with Akshay Kumar manages to pass the litmus test.

S.K Mathur (Annu Kapoor) is the haughtier ‘well-versed’ Senior Advocate who is at the receiving end here, thanks to Jolly’s unconventional way and giving him cut-throat jolly-llb-2-2-1024x576competition is Justice Sunderlal Tripathi (Saurabh Shukla), who knows where to bend the rules and when to become a protector of law. Kumud Mishra has less dialogues but pulls off the menacing act by merely using his expressions. Inaamulhaq, Manav Kaul and Vinod Nagpal gracefully do their bit.

A Director who also pens down the story, screenplay and the dialogues is always a deadly combination and Subhash Kapoor is one such master craftsmen. Right from Phas Gaye Re Obama, his movies have always had intriguing characters, witty dialogues and a lesson for life. He has done some really deep research on the subject and the movie besides being entertaining also educates you about the law. One small point that the director misses here is that “extra-judicial confession” is not admissible in law.

Set in Lucknow, a place I have great memories of, jolly-llb-2_148100097900the movie takes us from the by lanes of Lucknow to the mystic city of Benaras and finally to Kashmir. The movie poses some serious questions at our police system but at the same time also gives us characters like Jolly who rise like a phoenix and go all out for the cause of justice.

All said and done, despite having a backlog of over 3 Cr. cases in Indian courts, it is imperative to note that we still believe in our judicial system. It is this belief that truth will ultimately prevail makes us go on for years. There is a ‘pravdhan’ against every wrong done and no wrong-doer can get away if the entire legislative-executive-judicial machinery runs in sync with each other.

Rating : 8.7/10

Verdict : Watch Akshay Kumar play the perfect ‘liar’ burn his hands on the justice ‘pyre’.

Disclaimer : Stay away from ‘Sitapur chocolate’.



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