LION…roars….and how!

Plot : True story about 5 year old ‘Saroo’, lost in India only to find himself 25 years later in Australia. Based on ‘A Long Way Home’ by Saroo Brierley.

Star Cast : Dev Patel, Nicole Kidman, Rooney Mara, David Wenham

Review : Every once in a while comes a movie about survival that unknowingly ends up spreading the beautiful message of ‘hope’. Lion is one such ‘long’ story of survival, a story that looses its way in the slums of Khandwa, struggles in the by lanes of Calcutta only to find solace in the arms of a childless couple living in Australia.


Sunny Pawar is the little ‘cub’ here called Saroo who ultimately transforms into the ‘lion’ played beautifully by Dev Patel. It is great to see how the little hope in Saroo’s eyes suddenly turns into ‘questionable conduct’ after 25 years when he realises of his true origin and that’s where Dev Patel actually scores as an actor. Nicole Kidman and David Wenham play these really humane characters who take this little brown-skinned boy under their wings giving him a life that every normal human child deserves. Rooney Mara is another great actress who emotes really well.


Director Garth Davis directs his first feature film Lion and the result is a great story that brings together two lives, one lead by Saroo’s Mother who despite her shortcomings never gives up upon her lost ‘cub’ and the other lead by Saroo’s Mum who brings up a lost ‘cub’ and grooms him into a ‘lion’ making him competent enough to reach out to his mother even after 25 years. Had it not been for the Brierley’s, Saroo may never have survived even to tell his story.


Saroo is about that one such child who found his way home, there are million out there who don’t even live to see that day.

Rating : 8.3/10

Verdict : Lion…..roars……..and how!


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