Sarkar 3 movie review

StarCast : Amitabh Bachchan, Manoj Bajpai, Jackie Shroff, Amit Sadh, Yami Gautam, Ronit Roy, Bajrangbali Singh 

Plot : Sarkar is not a person, its a…..phenomena 

Review : Sarkar 3 is RGV’s desperate attempt to regain lost territory and he does succeed to a certain level. The movie is for those who have the patience to wait till the climax when all the peices finally come together to complete this puzzle called Sarkar 3. As always in a Ram Gopal Varma movie, the camera work and the background score are exceptionally good. The movie has nothing new to offer but some fine performances by Mr. Bachchan and Amit Sadh make up for the slow pace. Manoj Bajpai is impressive as Govind while Bajrangbali Singh who plays Gandhi is a greag find. Yami Gautam holds on to the same ‘horrifying’ expression throughout the movie. Ronit Roy is another fine actor who never lets his audience down although Jackie Shroff does get on your nerves. Unlike Sarkar, the movie has no great dialogues worth remembering. All said and done, the movie is a good reminder of the elite class of directors RGV once belonged to.

Rating : 6.7/10

Verdict : Sarkar roars….but this time within the walls of his ‘palace’!


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